Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wesley Clark ex Pentagon and ex Nato has committed very bloody torture (cutting off body parts). I was forced to watch Clark commit torture in 3 different countries in Europe. in Belgium, in the Netherlands, in Germany in the period 1992 until 1999. 

I have pressed criminal charges against Clark with the Belgian, the Dutch and the German police. I have sent the information in writing to all of the 700 members of the German parliament (Bundestag and Bundesrat) and all of the 200 members of the Dutch parliament. (1e en 2e Kamer).

Every single relevant police facility and Justice Department in Europe is informed about the case. The crimes that Clark has committed are so heinous that I want him on the electric chair for it.

I have known Wesley Clark since 1975 and Clark has always been a very hateful lying snake with a totally inflated ego. Human Life means nothing to Wes Clark. He finds it the most normal thing in the world to get away with torture and a very organized murder in the first degree and fully expects to get away with it. I do not intend to let him.

My ireport on CNN got removed only one day after I had placed it. A phone call to CNN and their promise to investigate what happened to my ireport and get back to me (on Monday, June 4 of 2012) has not yet resulted in any answer.

Either the CNN website is so complicated that it takes CNN forever to figure out what is wrong when text disappears on their website. Or more likely: it is censorship.

Can you imagine just how unbelievably stupid CNN would look once the prove of one of their "expert commentators"
(Clark sits around on CNN as an expert) being a criminal and a torturer would finally pop up ?

I have a long list of witnesses who have all seen Clark torture in Europe starting in 1992. Clark himself claims to have gotten fired from his NATO job because of this particular torture case.

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