No alibi dates Clark

1975 /76
Is when Clark got stationed in Germany together with the ugly screaming bitch and his arrogant shit of a son. The Clarks where living next door to my parent's house for in 1975 and 76. They were totally impossible to get along with.

Clark senior was already a blatant liar that would do anything to provoke a fight and cause trouble. 

Scratch his own car for example (a bright red Ford Mustang) and yell at little kids (age 8 and 12) in the neighborhood that they need to figure out for him who had done that. Clark had done it himself to get attention at his work I guess.

Show up at my grandparent's swimming pool and hang his dirty boots inside the pool. 

(To the CID people that are claiming to take their job serious. If you ever function like a normal police unit should and decide to stick within international law and do your job and investigate: By all means ask the "darker side" of the Russel Knox Building in Quantico to check your CIA files: 

Not yet President G.W. Bush visited my grandparents hotel in 1975 together with not yet for a long time General W.K. Clark. Former President Bill Clinton during his little trip to Germany in September of 2011, organized by Richard Branson was aware of this information. Must have gotten it out of some ancient CIA file. I am sure that you have a clue where the CIA or DIA keeps their really old "dark files". 

Clarks motives for fucking up this bad or his list of lies as to why he had to resort to torture must be in those files as well. There is a certain infamous international hacker who in 2006 approached me with the question why my name is appearing inside files that he has found inside the Pentagon. It is of course possible that DIA does have a copy of that particular e-mail inside their files as well but might have trouble admitting to that in court. The name of the former Spangdahlem MP that aided Clark in 1996 while torturing on Spangdahlem Airbase, and now claiming to work for the CIA should be in those files as well. If you run into CIA obstacles or otherwise problems while seriously trying to investigate, just feel free to phone Donald Rumsfeld and ask him to aide with the information. I am certain that it is not in his interest to cover up someone else's crimes.)

Show up at my school with a bullshit story that his arrogant shit son had been kidnapped and I needed to find out for him who had done that. I could see immediately that Clark was lying again and even if he had not been lying as usual it is hardly my job as a 12 year to solve kidnapping cases for anyone. So even if junior ever does get kidnapped, it is not ever my job to figure out where that dumb shit is hanging out.

The Clarks where filled with hate, arrogance and aggression and the entire family has a giant ego and cannot stand the idea that there are people who like to be left alone and are not interested in the Clarks and their standard hateful arrogant bitchy behavior.

Clark's ugly bitch would scream at me every time I saw her, to leave her husband alone when just passing by in the street. Both of them have such a giant ego that they cannot stand the idea that other people are just minding their own business and not paying much attention to the Clarks. Both Clark and his ugly bitch have an ego in which they find it normal that the planet is suppose to stop turning when they arrive.

Summer of 1992 Location Brussels and Knokke Belgium

Numerous cases of stalking and harassment. Clark and his ugly screaming bitch would constantly harass me at my work or home; there were moments when Clark popped up 3 times a week at my workplace or the place where I lived. The Clarks had no business being in Belgium at the time. Clark was still stationed in the US. Clarks ugly bitch would scream at me in the middle of the street that she is suppose to be so much better looking and I should leave her husband alone. The better looking is quite a joke if you know the ugly bitch.

And her hateful little dwarf has never been interesting. At the time I had no idea who he was and just wanted to be left in peace. Clark and his ugly screaming bitch where on several occasions accompanied by a guy who called himself Marks.

People who really do look beautiful - know that of themselves and have no interest to try and make that point. For example I never had Claudia Schiffer or Cindy Crawford, stalk me and scream at me that they look better than I do. In their case that would be pretty ridiculous. 

The fact that Wes Clark is married to a very ugly, brainless, monster is not something that is interesting to anyone in Europe. If Clark's screaming bitch had any interesting looks or half a brain, she would not be so frustrated as to bother other people with it. Her looks are not at all interesting to me. It is not something that anyone wants to be bothered with and they are certainly not good enough to justify torture and first degree murder. 

Both Clark and his ugly screaming bitch seem to be sexually frustrated to a point that that they want to force their SM tendencies onto other people. Clark is also a psychopath who gets nuts when someone says NO to his numerous requests for a date. 

In 1992, Clark was still stationed in the US and had no business in Europe. He and his ugly, screaming dirt bag travelled to Belgium numerous times with the sole intention to bother and harass me at my work with her imaginary good looks. 

I do have a right to be left in peace by these 2 nutcases. It is important to mention that I do have the ability to see the future with unparalleled precision and the Pentagon has seen the prove of that for the first time in 1968. So by 1975 when the Clark's started to stalk and harass me there was no doubt about my ability anymore. Despite of that I very much doubt that Clark had orders to go and harass me on purpose. I grew up in an area of Germany that is very remote. In the 70's there were 2 large US Airbases (Spangdahlem and Bitburg) only 10 km away from the little village that my parents live in. 

Most Air Force people that I met in the 70's had behavior that was very different from Clarks. So I have to assume that it was a Clark private matter. Clark was not ordered to attack me but fucked up on purpose for whatever reason. Many people ask me about his motives. That is like asking a rape victim to provide the motive that the rapist might have had. I do not know what goes on in Clark's criminal mind. The motives of his actions could have to do with his giant ego and his constant need for attention. Clark tends to get nuts when he feels overlooked. Behavior wise he totally fits the description of a psychopath that I have found on a Belgian police website. 

As a 12 year old I had predicted among other things that I would in the future work in Brussels and sell shoulder pads to the fashion industry. At one point in 1975 or 76 I overheard the Clarks who lived next door to my parents house fighting. 

Clarks hysterical bitch was screaming at her little dwarf: "But what if she gets to Brussels before we do.......?" Again another indication that the motive might be very private. Clark abuses his position at either Pentagon or NATO to go and bother, stalk, harass and torture private people in Europe because of the mega size of his ugly wife's ego. I have known both of them since 1975 and have in all those years never had one single moment when Clarks wife was not hysterically screaming at either me or her husband. 

Since 1975 there was not one single time when Clark was behaving normal and just asking for information. 

Thursday July the 2nd of 1992. Location Zevenaar the Netherlands. 

I was travelling with a group of colleagues from the Netherlands to Germany to visit a certain location of the firm that I worked for at the time for product training. We stopped at a restaurant called AC in Zevenaar when Clark popped up once again at that location and was harassing me at my workplace. Even in 1992 Clark seemed to know at all times where I was. This is one of the more than 10 times that Clark was harassing me at my work that summer. This time he again wanted me to work for him or become his mistress and when the answer was no, as usual he became very aggressive and made threats that he was going to harm my dad. I had a great relationship and a fun job. And the hateful manner in which Clark and his screaming bitch kept pursuing me starting in 1975 is not something that I forget easily. 

Why on earth would I want to give up a job that I like to go and work for a guy that I cannot stand ? Exactly I would not. Clark and I did never get along but the Pentagon / and or CIA has on more than one occasion enquired if I wanted to work for them. 


Donald Rumsfeld during a NATO summit in 2002 in Prague announced an interest on live TV, when talking to the former Defense minister of Germany Peter Struck. 

Clark during one of his latest visits to Amsterdam (on March the 5th of 2010) while accompanied by a guy that claims to be working for the CIA, declared: "We decided to repair you............." Total bullshit of course, the CIA is not a repair facility. And how 2 assholes that both participated in my dad's torture are suppose to repair me is unclear to me. America will never again receive any information from me unless they put Wesley Clark on trial for very bloody torture and a heinous first degree murder.

Wes you fucking animal: How do you intend to repair the nasty torture that you have committed ? And when do you finally intend to bring back my dad alive. If my dad does not come back alive asap you do not deserve to live after the long list of crimes that you have committed !

When Clark's constant stalking and harassment at my work in 1992, did not seem to have the effect that he was looking for he started to torture my dad.

Summer of 1992 
Kidnapping and Torture 

Location: Dworp near Brussels in Belgium
Location: Leuven in Belgium

1992 is also when Clark started to kidnap and torture my dad. At first in Dworp near Brussels (there is a long list of witnesses, known to the German police) and next close to Leuven, also Belgium. My dad was already ill from a stoke that he has had in 1976 and was permanently inside a hospital in Germany. Clark kidnapped him from there with the help of some of his Bundeswehr (German Army) buddies.

Kidnapping and Torture
Location Spangdahlem Airbase in Germany

By 1996 Clark was torturing my dad on a US Airbase - Spangdahlem in Germany. The former military policeman, who assisted Clark with torturing my dad, was also with him during his visit to Amsterdam on March the 5th of 2010. The former MP now claims to be working for the CIA. When I phoned the German local police in Wittlich at the time, they claimed that that the BND (German CIA) had ordered them not to help me get my dad of Spangdahlem Airbase where he was tortured by Wesley Clark and one American who worked as a Military Policemen on Spangdahlem Airbase at the time.

1998 - Torture
Tuesday 16 until Friday the 19th of 199
Location Nijmegen city center - The Netherlands
Clark was again torturing my dad. This time inside the city center of Nijmegen, the city where I live in the Netherlands. Again there is a long list of witnesses, among them, German and Dutch Army guys plus Dutch police.

Saturday, June 26th of 1999  
Very violent torture
Location - the basement of a hospital in Antwerp Belgium

My dad was handcuffed to a hospital bed inside the basement of a hospital in Antwerp, Belgium. He was bleeding very violently and certain body parts had literally been cut off. The violence of it is much worse than most people could possibly imagine. Clark was there in his green NATO uniform and was totally proud of what he had done. That fucking animal finds it normal to get away with bloody torture and a very heinous first degree murder.

That day in June of 1999 is the very last time that I have seen my dad alive. So I have to assume that he did not survive the horrible torture that Clark has committed. I want Clark and his ugly bitch that motivated this, both dead because of it. What they have done so far is a lot more than anyone can be expected to tolerate. 2 policemen of the Belgian police in Antwerp where present and took pictures of the situation. When breaking into my hotel room in Switzerland about 10 month later, Clark claimed that the torture that he has committed is what got him fired from his NATO job.

Stalking and harassment at my work
January (14 until 18) of 2000 during the fair Domotex 
Location: Hotel Madz in Peine near Hannover, Germany

Clark was again stalking and harassing me at my work. This time he was once again in the company of a skinny and very tall guy who calls himself Marks. This Marks guy seems to be one of Clarks Army friends. He accompanied Clark in 1992 in Brussels at times. And he also helped Clark to organize another kidnapping in 2004.

Clark wanted to make sure that I was hurting enough about my dad's torture and (probably first degree murder) that he had committed about 10 month before.

11th until 16th of April of 2000 during the furniture fair Salone del Mobile in Milan 

Clark and his hysterical screaming dirt bag were again stalking and harassing me at my work. This time Clark broke into my hotel room in a hotel in a Swiss town called Melano. Clark was threatening to stab a knife in my back. 2 Swiss policemen saw Clark come out of my hotel room that he had just broken into. The next day Clark claimed to have gotten fired from his NATO job because of the torture in Antwerp.

13th until 17th of September of 2004
Kidnapping and attempted murder

Wesley Clark has spend the main part of the week kidnapping me out of my house in the Netherlands. During that week I got shot at.

September 4 of 2007
Between 16.00 and 17.00 hours in the afternoon Clark was once again in Germany. I believe that this was another attempted murder because Clark was wearing a bullet prove west and had back up. He did not shoot at me this time because he could not get it done without getting seen.

Friday, March the 5th of 2010 
Location Amsterdam La Place

Clark was once again stalking and harassing me at my work this time together with someone who claims to be working for the CIA, location Restaurant La Place, Muntbergweg in Amsterdam. The witness is known to every single district attorney and the courts in Germany. The Dutch courts as well have received plenty of information about the case.

Monday night the 16th of August until Tuesday, August the 17th of 2010 

Another attempted murder along the highway A57 in Germany close to Restaurant Kalbecker Forst near the German town Weeze.

May and June of 2011
The last week of May 2011 is the last time that I have seen my dad alive. The corrupt shit police in Nijmegen had brought me to a hospital in Nijmegen - the CWZ hospital. And there I have seen my dad getting tortured again after I had assumed for a very long time that he had not survived the torture of June 26 of 1999.

Only 1 week later nowadays King Willem-Alexander and Maxima of the Netherlands, plus Richard Branson payed me a visit.

Of course nothing in the Netherlands happens without the Royal Family knowing about it. Willem-Alexander had mentioned wanting to pay 3 million euro during an earlier visit of September 2010 but failed to mention at the time that my dad is still alive and is still getting tortured in the Netherlands.

May of 2011 is the only time since 1992 when I have seen my dad getting tortured without Wesley Clark actually being present. That however does not relieve Clark of any responsibility for the case.

In the meantime I have tried 4 times since march of 2010 to press criminal charges with the corrupt shit that passes for police in the Netherlands. The Nijmegen police however is aiding Clark with the torture since 1998 and therefore refuses to investigate - they would have to press criminal charges against themselves.

Willem-Alexander was so kind as to apologize for the nasty part that his AIVD (Dutch CIA) has played in this. 

And afterwards just keeps on going with the torture of my dad. 

The Dutch seem to find it quite embarrassing but so far are no better than Videla.