What to do - How can you help ?

What to do - How can you help ?

On the next page you will find a list of firms that Clark is working for:
Please realize that the very heinous torture that I have witnessed Clark commit in the summer of 1999, while wearing his green NATO uniform, is what according to Clark himself caused him to get fired from his NATO job.

If you are one of the almost 30 firms that Clark seems to be working for since 2003, please realize that you just hired a criminal lying torturing animal. I do want him dead on the electric chair. 

Hiring that criminal animal means that your firm is fair game for every police facility or secret service on the planet because of the long list of crimes that I have witnessed the animal Clark commit. 

Feel free to try and sue me anytime. I welcome the media exposure and my story is 100% true. I expect the truth to make a difference.

If you are a hacker
Feel totally free to hack any computer or phone line of every single firm that Clark works for. In the case that you obtain information feel free to send it to me (es.komes@versatel.nl) and I will make sure that it gets to the police. Or feel free to publish your findings of course.

If you are working for any secret service:
Does not matter in what country in the world.
Feel free to hack into any phone line or computer of any of the numerous firms that the lying monster Clark works for. 

Do realize that whatever you do will be fine, it could not possibly be as nasty as the torture that I have watched Clark commit. The guy is an animal with no conscience what so ever. In the case that you get caught, 

A. lie and cover up for as long as you can. Should not be any problem, that is exactly what Clark and the American government are doing.

B. if that is no longer an option, then do consider your actions to be perfectly legal. After all you where just busy investigating Clark and the crimes that he has committed. Therefore it is perfectly legal to tap whatever phone line of firms that you can find that Clark could work for over the next 25 years. Or has worked for within the last 25 years.

After all Clark has admitted with witnesses present that the Pentagon has totally illegal phone tapes of phone calls that took place inside my home as far back as 1987. Whatever the Pentagon finds normal to do to me and my family is good for them as well. 
As long as you do not torture in a very bloody way and organize first degree murder and then run around lying about it, expecting to get away with it and further slander and harass the victims. You are not nearly as criminal as Clark is.

If you have criminal or SM tendencies: 
Feel free to torture Wesley Clark or his ugly screaming bitch by cutting off body parts and consider it legal. 
Make sure that once you are done torturing Clark and/or his ugly bitch feel free to wipe them away in a way that will make it impossible for his family to find any remains.
By all means do lie about it. Consider everything that you do to be legal and normal. Lie as much as you like and find yourself a hero.

Why ?

Because that is exactly what Wesley Clark has done to my dad. And whatever Clark considers ok for other people should be done to him as well. So far Clark did not have to answer for any of the atrocities that I have watched him commit. And my dad is still missing, after very nasty torture that I was forced to witness.

If you are a police person, a judge, a district attorney: 
And you are situated in Germany, the Netherlands, or Belgium. There is a huge chance that you have received information in writing about the numerous very serious crimes that Clark has committed between 1992 and 2010. Otherwise ask the BKA, Europol or Interpol for the information.

The list of Clarks criminal offences include 5 separate counts of torture in 3 different countries in Europe (Belgium, the Netherlands, American soil plus Germany) 3 different counts of breaking and entering in 2 different countries in Europe (the Netherlands and Switzerland). Several counts of kidnapping and attempted murder (the Netherlands and Germany). Not to mention more than 35 years of stalking, harassment and slander.

Plus a very organized and especially heinous murder in the first degree.
Attention this blog was created in 2010. At that time I assumed that my dad had not survived the very bloody and heinous torture that Clark has committed in Antwerp Belgium on June 26 of 1999. After I started to press criminal charges against Wesley Clark in May of 2010 with the police in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany it turned out that my dad seems to still be alive. The last time that I have witnessed him getting tortured was in May of 2011, inside a Dutch hospital (the CWZ hospital in Nijmegen, the Netherlands) only one week after several visits from the former Dutch crown prince and nowadays King of the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander of Orange who has admitted to me that the Dutch secret service AIVD has played a part in my dad's torture. Despite of several visits from Willem-Alexander of Orange in 2010 and 2011 and a very friendly apology from him for the nasty part that the AIVD has played in this, nothing has changed. It turns out that my dad is still alive and getting tortured in the Netherlands. The Dutch AIVD is turning their own Dutch police in very corrupt shit by ordering them to participate in the very illegal torture of a totally innocent person and in the cover up of a very nasty criminal conspiracy.

Until I receive word that there is finally a very serious and realistic investigation going into the long list of Clarks criminal offences I will consider killing Clark perfectly legal and self-defense. If anyone had wanted to prevent it they should have investigated.
I do not care if the police claim to be lazy, incompetent, scared or totally corrupt. After the long list of very serious criminal offences and the giant pain that my dad went through when getting tortured by Wes Clark, there is no excuse that could be good enough to let it go. 

If you are a journalist:
Feel free to contact me for more information anytime. Everything that I describe on my blogs is true. And really did happen. I have no reason to make it up. 

If you are an American or a European:
Please wake up and understand that Clark has initiated a torture program in Europe that started in 1992. I have witnessed Clark torture between 1992 and 1999 in 3 different countries in Europe plus on an American Airbase in Germany. The victim of Clark's torture is still missing. Clark has manipulated the CIA plus parts of the German Army to participate in his crimes. And therefore the CIA and the German Army are helping him to cover up his crimes. The local police in Europe seem to be too much intimidated to want to investigate. The victim of Clark's torture is missing.

Wake up and understand that this is not a small matter. If we allow this to be become normal, then people in Europe or the US will keep disappearing faster and easier in the future. 

And no police force so far, feels big enough to dare to investigate. The torture that I have witnessed Clark commit was very inhumane and Clark has organized it himself. As far as I can tell, he was not ordered by the Pentagon to go and torture.
Wake up and understand that the American government is not really so much better than the Chinese or the Russians. They just have a better image in our own minds. They are much more filthy than most people are able to imagine.

If you have some spare time and you would like to help:
Please send a link to my blogs to all of your friends and acquaintances plus the media and help me to motivate whoever you can find to investigate the case. Below you will find links to a list of newspapers and other media worldwide.

And of course boycott any of the firms that Clark works for until they finally wake up and help to investigate the lying, torturing animal.


Please sign my Petition to the White House, the German and the Dutch Government to finally give back my dad on Change org.