Reinhold Komes, born March 18 of 1932 got tortured by Wesley Clark inside the basement of a hospital in Antwerp, Belgium on Saturday June 26 of 1999. Wes Clark was not just there in his green NATO uniform but has organized it himself. 2 Belgian policemen were taking pictures of the torture. 

Before that time Clark's torture victim had been kidnapped out of a German hospital and tortured at the following locations:

In Dworp and Leuven, Belgium in 1992, 

On US Airbase Spangdahlem in Germany in 1996. US Airbases in Germany are US soil and therefore the responsibility of the US Federal Government, so the FBI and the US Department of Justice are the correct facilities to investigate the case. A long list of witnesses is known to every single district attorney in Germany.

Inside the city center of Nijmegen, the Netherlands during the last week of July of 1998. The long list of witnesses include Germany Army guys and Dutch police.

In the basement of a hospital in Antwerp, Belgium on Saturday, June 26 of 1999. Wesley Clark was there in his green NATO Uniform and was proud of the very bloody torture. 2 Belgian police guys were taking pictures of the situation. According to Clark this case is what got him fired from his NATO job.

Clark's torture victim had been cut up and was bleeding violently but could in theory still be alive. 

Bill Clinton was responsible for the White House while Clark was running around in Europe and initiating a torture program (period 1992 until 1999). Clark has initiated and organized the torture himself and in 1992 dragged the CIA into the situation to be able to cover up his crimes more easily.

I have met Bill Clinton (29/30 of September 2011) and no big surprise that Clinton by now is very well informed about the case. He did not admit to anything or apologize. Nor did the short chat with Bill Clinton organized by Richard Branson solve anything. 

Given the fact that the 2 did not even have the courtesy to make an appointment but find it the most normal thing in the world to come popping up whenever they feel like it, I cannot say that I am happy with surprise visits like that.

My dad, the torture victim is still missing. And I have to assume that Bill Clinton knows exactly where he is. Because Clinton does have access to CIA files. 

Apparently despite of Clintons Mr. Nice Guy image, he does not seem to give a shit about human life. And most people do not have the faintest idea about the amount of pain that torture victims are going through or the amount of hate that torture generates inside the people that are forced to witness it.